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Media & Digital

PRSI’s knowledgeable and experienced team has the resources to reach local, regional and global audiences.  We work with partners that have common interest and goals to create opportunities that directly influence a wide range of audiences.


Our creative team utilizes a wide of digital media resources to help conceptualize, design and produce materials that are timely, convenient and cutting-edge.

Web Development

A web presence is absolutely necessary in today’s business world, but it is no longer enough to simply be visually appealing. People around the world are using the internet for an ever increasing range of services. A robust web-based business, fundraising or information effort will help you reach an increasing population. PRSI’s award-winning web development team will put you on the cutting edge with the truly innovative methods of two-way e-communications, giving you a direct line to your audience; and, giving your audience a voice.

Collateral Development

Even in a digital age, the need for effective collaterals, including direct mail, brochures, and press kits, is still apparent in many projects and campaigns. With over 25 years of effectively communicating messages through collateral materials to a wide range of audiences and media, PRSI is a recognized leader in the industry.

Video Production

PRSI’s comprehensive experience allows us to provide video production services from beginning to end, from concept development and dissemination. PRSI's talented production team creates dramatic, effective video presentations that successfully communicate your vision and educate your audience.

Traveling Exhibits

PRSI’s diverse portfolio of award-winning exhibits has been seen by millions in more than 20 countries on six continents. Our design team can create educational and cultural displays that can be designed to educate a city, a region or a country.

Story Development

PRSI’s long-standing relationships with local, state and national news brokers give our clients the platforms they need to deliver their messages effectively. With story pitching, interview booking, and our team of former reporters, press secretaries, and communications specialists give us a deeper understanding of news stories and what drives the news. We ensure that your message successfully reaches its target audience.

Media Briefings & Press Conferences

Whether it is a produced press conference or a impromptu teleconference, PRSI handles every detail of briefings and conferences to give clients the best information and opportunity to effectively communicate their message in a meaningful way.

Editorial Development

When appropriate, PRSI can quickly set up meetings with editorial boards, author open editorials, or organize a letters to the editor campaign. Creating and maintaining a strong presence on the editorial pages gives a greater voice to our clients’ causes.

Press Releases

The development of effective press releases combined with a sensible dissemination strategy gives our clients’ news greater visibility.

“Industry Expert” Development

In the areas of business, finance, government, and employee motivation, media outlets are constantly seeking field experts to become regular contributors in multiple media outlets. PRSI can help your employees gain recognition as industry experts in turn establishing your organization or business as a leader.

Media training

On television, in print media, or on the radio, PRSI’s clients are the best prepared with information and the skills needed to effectively communicate their messages over any medium.


Whether organizations or businesses want to educate the public or develop web-bases curriculum and lectures, PRSI can handle both technical and content issues.