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Embracing an expansive array of subjects and disciplines, PRSI provides custom, in-depth, research and counsel to its diverse clientele. We work diligently to provide our partners with workable strategies for the foreseeable future.

Economic Impact Studies

PRSI will gauge the effects of your labors with carefully tailored studies. Whether examining the local community, the surrounding region, the nation or the globe, PRSI culls mission-specific data and statistics to provide a meticulous breakdown of economic information that allows you to see exactly what effects you are producing.

Media Monitoring

PRSI serves as a gatekeeper to the diverse and ever-expanding global media. We scour the dynamic worlds of print, broadcast and internet media to ensure you have the entire story in order to give you the power to make informed and timely decisions. PRSI puts the most comprehensive periodical search tools at your disposal. In seconds, our researchers can collect articles from thousands of newspapers, magazines, trade journals and databases on any subject matter of interest that may impact to you.

Market Research

Public opinion often drives the decision-making process in business, government, political, higher education, and the non-profit worlds. Our research department provides in-depth, comprehensive survey and polling data that can cover any known market. Over the last two decades, PRSI has conducted more than 1,000 polls and market studies. PRSI brings you detailed information that you can actually use. Our reports dissect the results and bring you the information you need to plan for success. Our research does not sit on the shelf.