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Public Relations

A comprehensive public relations strategy should bring together community organizations, local leaders, your organization's unique skills, and a commitment to long-term and short-term results.

Grassroots Coalition Building

The mobilization of supporters within a community can mean the difference between the failure or passage of local, state, or federal laws and regulations. It can mean the difference between failure and success for businesses, developments, and dreams. PRSI’s approach to coalition building combines education, empowerment, and assertiveness that expands coalition-building beyond known supporters to previously unengaged parties.

Project Management

For hundreds of clients, PRSI has applied its details-oriented approach to all the facets of unique projects including campaigns, grand openings, drives, development projects, and others. PRSI’s experienced professional understand the importance of cost control, timeline development and risk management.

Crisis Communication & Management

Moments of crisis can be stressful, trying times for a business, organization, and other efforts, but PRSI believes they should also be moments of opportunity. A moment of crisis can undermine years of effort building a business or image. A coherent, collected response to the media, competitors, and your employees can mitigate losses and turn the tide.

Public Affairs

With decades of experience in politics and government, PRSI delivers on the need to meet and discuss pertinent issues with key decision makers at the local, state and federal levels.

Corporate Communications

No corporation is structured the same or has the same communications needs. PRSI takes the time to evaluate and understand a corporation’s unique needs before designing a tailored strategy. When equipped with pertinent information, employees perform at higher levels, leading to enhanced productivity and objectives met.

Image Development

Whether in business or politics, building an image requires a commitment to principle and objectives. PRSI will take a careful and objective look at your organization in order to help build a lasting, positive impression in the business and political worlds.

Community Relations

Businesses and governments alike must understand their communities and effectively communicate with them. We work to build a support base, foster strong bonds and develop mutual respect between you and the people who live and work around you. An organization’s mindfulness of the concerns in the community can help avoid time-consuming and costly misunderstandings.