Belmont Business Owners Welcome Second Street Security Cameras

Belmont Business Owners Welcome Second Street Security Cameras

By Ashleigh Ruhl


Just weeks ago, newly installed security cameras on Second Street might have helped catch the person who graffitied the mural outside Polly’s Gourmet Coffee in Belmont Shore.

That’s one reason why owner Mike Sheldrake, who also is the president of the Belmont Shore Business Association, is looking forward to the addition of 18 new security cameras on every other block of the Second Street thoroughfare. The cameras could be installed as soon as this summer.

“I cannot see a downside to this,” Sheldrake said about the cameras. “I think it is a fantastic idea and love that technology has improved to the point where we can really use something like this to our advantage.”

Approved last week by the Belmont Shore Parking and Business Improvement Area Advisory Commission, the cameras will cost $95,000 and that includes 16 pan/tilt/zoom cameras at various intersections as well as two fixed cameras on Granada Avenue. The Technology Services Department of the city will be doing the installation. The installation cost is covered by the city and the equipment cost will be covered by the Parking Commission’s budget.

Camera footage will be available live or via recording for the Long Beach Police Department’s use. LBPD officials helped direct the Parking Commission so that the cameras would be placed in the most beneficial areas.

Other business districts, including the Downtown Long Beach Associates and the East Anaheim Street Business Alliance, have rolled out their own security cameras. EASBA President Rod Wilson said cameras have been installed in phases on Anaheim Street at Redondo, Temple and Ximeno avenues with plans to add another camera at Pacific Coast Highway.

“We’ve been adding on cameras each year for the past four years and worked with the police and it’s been a successful program,” Wilson said. “We’re excited to hear that other business districts are doing the same. For us, this has led to the capture of at least three bad guys, and that has been really encouraging.

“We’ve received nothing but positive praises from business owners and residents,” he added. “We were worried some would have the Big Brother fear, but we haven’t heard that from anyone. In fact, this has been great for raising awareness in the community in general to keep eyes open and report crime. There’s a real interest now from businesses and property owners to work together to clean up the street.”

Jim Fisk, the city’s business improvement districts manager, said the Parking Commission and BSBA have been talking about paying for security cameras in the district for quite some time. He said the cameras will take 30 days to install and it will take about 30 days to order the equipment before that.

Residents and business owners who attended this month’s Parking Commission meeting and BSBA meetings had many positive remarks to say about the addition of the security cameras.

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