Sac State Exhibit Remembers Holocaust

Sac State Exhibit Remembers Holocaust

A traveling exhibit which recalls the brutal history of the Nazi holocaust opens this week at Sacramento State.

By  Joe Rubin(Sacramento, CA)

Capitol Public Radio

September 21, 2011


Exhibit organizer Rod Wilson is standing amidst life sized photographs and text which depict the frightening history of the holocaust. Wilson describes one part of the exhibit which shows a pivotal moment in 1938 when thousands of Jewish businesses and temples were burned to the ground in Germany.


(WILSON): "And we are looking right now at Kristallnacht, which is the night of the  broken glass."


The exhibit is called "Courage to Remember. Wilson says that even though it is about the past. It's also timely.


Wilson: "Not far from here in Sacramento, just last week,  there was an owner of a dry cleaners shop who is in Armenian. And his business was vandalized and had swastikas painted on it and they broke the glass out.  And the timeliness of this exhibit is it takes a moment and gives us the courage to remember these horrible things which have happened in the past."


The Sacramento run  of  Courage To Remember is  timed to coincide with a November Genocide Conference at Sacramento State featuring Rwanda's President Paul Kagame