Courage To Remember Holocaust Exhibit

Courage To Remember Holocaust Exhibit

Brittney Hopper


9/22 10:02 pm


An Internationally known exhibit is coming to Fresno for the first time. The Simon Wiesenthal Center's "Courage to Remember Holocaust" exhibit is at Fresno State.


Ephraim Hodges is a Holocaust survivor. He remembers the day when the Nazi's took his grandmother away from him.


"They took my grandma from my hands she was holding me," said Hodges.


Hodges was just a young boy hiding from the Nazis as they were coming for his family.


"Out of the immediate family about 48 to 50 people, only 21 survived," said Hodges.


More than 200 original photos will be on display. They tell the horrible story of the Holocaust. This exhibit has traveled all over the world and more than 2-million visitors have viewed it since its opening. David Sicherman had to come to see it for himself.


"We have to remember the tragedy that happened to not just 6-million Jews but the many other people of other religions where their lives were taken during that time," said Sicherman.


Assemblywoman Linda Halderman got emotional during her speech as she talked about her own family and the holocaust. She says it's a proud moment knowing this exhibit is making its way through Fresno.


"I am very proud to be apart of a community that says never again," said Halderman.


Hodges has lived in the Central Valley since the late 70's and is proud his community can learn more about the nightmare of the holocaust.


"We as human beings must look after the other human beings no matter who they are and if we don't then this will occur again and again," said Hodges.


If you'd like to see the exhibit, it's at the University Student Union Pavilion. It's open from 9 am to 9 pm Thursday through Monday through September 26th. And from 9 am to 10 am on Tuesday, September 27th.