About Us

Since 1985, Pacific Research & Strategies, Inc. (PRSI) has distinguished itself among other PR and political consulting firms with its diversity of services and unrivaled success in a broad array of industries on local, state, federal, and international levels.

PRSI’s philosophy of connecting with clients and structuring unique, creative and valuable solutions has brought national and international recognition.

Comprehensive solutions at PRSI stem from the commitment to principle and creativity. Unlike other political consulting firms, PRSI also develops successful strategies that blend precise and accurate messages with dynamic communications designs.

Unique to the industry, PRSI also offers the political and organizational expertise needed to develop opinion in the field and coordinate legislative and regulatory strategies on multiple levels of government.

Our growing team employs proven techniques and innovative concepts to sculpt a clear, concise strategies for any need. With each project, we tailor our ideas to fit your needs and achieve results.


After more than 25 years of service in national politics and public affairs, Dr. Alfred Balitzer and Rod Wilson came together to create Pacific Research & Strategies in 1985. Since its inception, the PRSI group has provided its clients with unparalleled public relations, strategic communication and political affairs consultation.

In 2000, the Company moved its headquarters to Long Beach, California after a successful 16-year stint in Claremont, California.

PRSI has grown into a diverse firm facilitating stronger relations between our clients and the global market.

Our Philosophy

No two businesses or organizations are the same. For that reason, PRSI hires for diversity of background and creativeness in thought.

Solutions are rarely one-dimensional. PRSI understands the need for a robust, multi-faceted approach that addresses issues involving media, government, public opinion, and other factors in the proper balance.


Through the implementation of customized strategic solutions, PRSI aims to steer public opinion, build companies and organizations, and bring focus and fruition to visions.

PRSI offers solutions.  By providing businesses and organization with the customized solution package they need, PRSI tackles the big and small problems with the same attention to detail.